Why We’re Doing This

“Are you having a mid-life crisis?”

No. We’re having an awakening.

Wake up, Neo...
Because you can’t keep eating the steak if the steak isn’t real.

There aren’t many times in our lives when we strike gold. Only in rare instances does the universe provide us with the perfect chance to do what we’ve wanted to do. So we’re not going to let this window of opportunity to see our great nation pass us by.

But there are other reasons, too. Fringe benefits, if you will.

  • I’m looking forward to being my own boss. I’m ready to take my worth out of the hands of others and take my destiny into my own hands.
  • I’m excited about spending more time with my family than I do in traffic and in a cubicle.
  • Gena’s looking forward to living in a space that’s small enough to maintain ourselves, where we don’t have to hire help to upkeep our compulsive purchases.
  • Our children are excited about a real adventure, where playing on trees, hiking, and seeing the country are more exciting than a video game or what’s on Netflix.
  • We’re all looking forward to escaping the constant pinging of the social media slot machine.
  • It all began one day when our megachurch’s parking lot was so full we couldn’t make it into church, so we grabbed pancakes in a nearby diner. There, we saw a small ad for an RV on a bulletin board. And we couldn’t stop talking about it.
Jayco Eagle Ad
The ad that started it all…

It was simple.

It was manageable.

It was adventure.

It became the inciting incident in the novel of our lives.

Our hope is that as you follow our adventures, they inspire you, too, to give up whatever’s holding you back and take your turn, too.