Moving into Our RV (The First Week)


We’ve been radio silent for the last week because we’ve been moving into our RV. Several people have asked us where we are and how it’s going. It’s definitely been an experience.

Moving in

We gave ourselves a definite date to move into the RV of July 27th. Enough waiting. We loaded our Big Gas Truck and Chris’ Prius, picked up the RV from our good friends the Bakers, and headed to Bridgeport, Texas, where we had a reservation for four nights. This immediate departure made moving into the RV much harder. We have since learned how much better it would have been to move in little by little. Instead, we packed up what we thought we needed and wanted after our practice runs, dumped it all into the RV and took off. Boxes were everywhere.

Think Cinderella’s step-sisters trying to stuff their fat feet into the dainty glass slipper–that was us trying to stuff all our necessary possessions into “Steve RV” (Chris has christened it that…say it fast and you’ll get it.). I say necessary because once we packed ourselves into our 34 foot Rockwood Windjammer, that word gained much narrower criteria.

Moving into our RV--Day 4
Moving into our RV–Day 4

The Final Load

We returned to our house for the final clean out on Saturday. We took yet another load back to the RV, a load to Goodwill and a load to storage. We also filled our recycle and trash bins. But thankfully, we finished.

We worked for days sorting, storing or scrapping every piece of paper, every utensil, every tool and every piece of clothing. Looking at the initial mess, I questioned whether we would get it all in. We made multiple trips to The Container Store, Walmart and Lowe’s and placed orders through Amazon in a desperate quest to find organizational items that would help us make sense of the clutter. We measured every square inch looking for extra space that could hold the littlest item—a baseball cap, a paper towel roll, spices, essential oils and board games. Everything needed its own space.

Anything that was deemed usable but didn’t fit got thrown into a box destined for the bed of the truck. Soon we had multiple boxes destined for truck. That space, which already held boxes full of school books and paper goods, became prime real estate.

Moving into our RV--Day 10
Moving into our RV–Day 10

Setting Off

Ready or not, at the end of our four days in Bridgeport, we were off to an overnight stay in Lubbock. We were still moving in. We stepped over boxes just to get to the front door. We ate out most meals because boxes and loose items cluttering the kitchen made cooking impossible.

The following day, we loaded up for our final leg to Albuquerque where we met family members who bought Chris’ Prius. Thankfully, there is nothing like a deadline to force completion! Knowing that visitors were coming for an overnight stay, we tackled our final boxes with gusto. Chris left for the airport while the kids and I put the final touches on Steve RV. We set the remaining boxes for the back of the Big Gas Truck outside and set about cleaning the unit. Twenty minutes later we finished, everything spic and span.

Later that day, we tackled the back of the Big Gas Truck. We reevaluated everything and repacked it. We loaded our final storage boxes into the back of Chris’ Prius, which he sold to his mom, and we finished. Hallelujah!

So here we are, 10 days later, fully moved into the RV, and we even have extra space in the back of the Big Gas Truck. In two days, we head north. We’re thankful to have everything settled and are looking forward to spending more time sightseeing and experiencing this great country!

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