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Want to contact us? We’d love to hear from you! Here are some answers to common questions:

  • If you’d like Christopher to speak at your event, visit his Speaking page. You can see the courses he commonly teaches. Then, send him an email using the form below.
  • If you’d like to repost or reprint one of our posts, please check out our Permissions Policy. You can see all of our posts by using the search bar.
  • If you’re looking for writing guidance, please visit our teaching site, If you haven’t already, we also recommend finding a local writer’s group or attending a writer’s conference where you’ll find great editors who specialize in helping with one-on-one feedback.
  • Finally, while we always work hard to respond to every email we receive, it may take us awhile to get back to you as we’re on the road and our Internet connection isn’t always consistent. So please be patient with us!

If all that sounds great, you can contact us easiest using Twitter (@cpnm) or this form:


You may also write us at:

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